Kita e : Diamond Dust Drops

Size: +/- 90 Mb
Alternative Title : Diamond Daydreams, ~Diamond Dust Drops~, To the North ~Diamond Dust Drops~
Extension: Rm(vb)/Subbed
Status: Complete
Type : TV Series, 12 Episode
Year : 20.01.2004 till 05.04.2004
Categories : Coming of Age, Romance
The intense cold of winter, the sensation of a refreshing summer. Everybody wants to experience the big land in the north - Hokkaido. "Kita he ~Diamond Dust~" is based on that outlook on the world and is centered about the springtime of life. It is about the individual activities of the charming heroines and their experiencing of youth. While expressing the characteristics of that time in a subtle way, the viewer is left behind with a comfortable sensation of "emotion".
Kita-he. is an anime based on a Dreamcast dating game released in 1999 by Hudson Soft.
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