Rescue Wings

Size: +/- 60 Mb
Extension: Rm(vb)
Status: Complete
Total Eps : 12
Second Lieutenant, Uchida Kazuhiro, is a new helicopter pilot. However what he really wanted to be was a fighter pilot to fly at supersonic speed in stratosphere. But he faced a harsh reality. During the pilot training, he was transferred to the rescue helicopter course. Now, he is working for the Komatsu Rescue Squad whose mission is only rescue.
At first he is depressed because he is assigned to the position that he doesn’t wish. But, joining various missions, for example, rescue of airplane accidents, missing in mountains, earthquakes, and so forth, he gradually thinks it a challenging job.
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Episode 01 Hajimete no Shigoto
Episode 02 Konnan na Shigoto
Episode 03 A painful job
Episode 04 Precious one
Episode 05 Necessity
Episode 06 Bright Side Of Life Part I
Episode 07 Bright Side Of Life Part II
Episode 08 Journey of a young boy (first half)
Episode 09 Journey of a young boy (second half)
Episode 10 Party
Episode 11 Bivouac
Episode 12 Rescue

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