Rave Master

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Total Eps : 51
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RAVE takes place on another world that was at one point dominated by a light stone (Rave), and a dark stone (Darkbring). There was a fierce battle between the two which led to an explosion that destroyed 1/10 of the world. After 50 years, Darkbring was revived by a group called the Demon Card. Demon Card uses the power of Darkbring to bring chaos to the world. Only the power of the light stone can resist it… Rave. Could Haru who catched Plue from the ocean and inherited Rave from Rave Master Shiba save the world? Watch as his adventure begins!
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Episode 01 The Inheritor of Rave
Episode 02 Exploding Shuda
Episode 03 The Legendary Blacksmith Musica
Episode 04 Man of Beast Sword, Lance
Episode 05 Restoration! Ten Commandments
Episode 06 Confrontation! The Showdown of Musica`s Swords
Episode 07 Conclusion! The Victory Explosion
Episode 08 Silver Rhythm`s Musica
Episode 09 Plue`s Secret
Episode 10 Memory of Thunder
Episode 11 Dancing Hero
Episode 12 Last Scene
Episode 13 The Meteor Crash site
Episode 14 The Mysterious Assassin
Episode 15 The 2nd RAVE
Episode 16 Duel! Vanish Field
Episode 17 Shuda Falls through the Sky
Episode 18 5 Minutes until Rhapsodia Explodes
Episode 19 Girl #3173
Episode 20 Elie`s Tragedy...
Episode 21 Clash! Haru vs. Sieghart
Episode 22 The Sword of Sealing, Runesave
Episode 23 Etherion`s Awakening
Episode 24 The Promise With Elie
Episode 25 Farewell, Song Continent
Episode 26 The Great Robbers! Ketsupuri Gang
Episode 27 The Barrier Capital Lavaria
Episode 28 Bonds of Fate
Episode 29 The Head of Demons, Gale!
Episode 30 Fear! The 5 Guardians of the Royal Palace
Episode 31 Final Countdown
Episode 32 The 5th Sword, Blue Crimson
Episode 33 One of the 4 Azure Sky Warriors, Clea
Episode 34 Gale and King
Episode 35 The Reason to Fight
Episode 36 On the Other Side of the Sad Sky...
Episode 37 Goodbye My Friend!
Episode 38 Stellar Memories
Episode 39 The Birth of Rave
Episode 40 0065: Plue Legend
Episode 41 Desperate Street Performance
Episode 42 Air Casino Edel Lake
Episode 43 Ketsupuri Gang`s Big Comeback
Episode 44 Charging Into Death Storm!
Episode 45 Enter, Dark Bring Master
Episode 46 Revival of the Orashion Seis
Episode 47 The Truth About the Dragon Race
Episode 48 The Sad Silver Claimer
Episode 49 The end of the fight
Episode 50 The doors to the memories
Episode 51 The vow to the future

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