Neo Ranga

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Neo Ranga follows the trials and tribulations of the three beautiful Shimabara sisters, Minami, Ushio and Yuuhi—who by some strange twist of fate, are inadvertently linked to a gigantic monster-god who hails from a tiny island kingdom in the South Pacific called Barou. After being invited to the island of Barou, the three girls learn of their missing older brother’s fate, as well as the fact that they are to inherit this island kingdom in the absence of a suitable male heir.
Upon visiting the idol of Ranga deep within the jungle, the irritated trio actually manages to awaken the sleeping giant from its dormancy. With this event in mind, it comes as no surprise to them when the lumbering behemoth Neo Ranga arrives in Tokyo months later to seek out its three lovely masters. Instead of rolling out the red carpet for their gigantic friend, the Japanese Self Defense Force rolls out the tanks and artillery to halt the behemoth’s advance through downtown Tokyo.
The arrival of Neo Ranga in Tokyo is but the first of many in a long series of chaotic events that are thrust upon the Shimabara sisters and their colossal companion in this zany romp through the lives of three beautiful sisters, their nephew Joel and the gigantic monster they love.
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