Pumpkin Scissors

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The long war against Frost Republic scarred many places of the Empire; famine, plague, returned soldiers who become bandits… Worrying about these "war damages" resulting from the devastations of the nation and people`s minds, the Empire Army orgnaizes the 3rd section of Information Bureau known as "Pumpkin Scisors", and they assigned the section for the duty of recovery from the war damage
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Episode 01 Fukashi no kyuuban
Episode 02 Senzai Fukkou Butai
Episode 03 Sono Ha Mikoto Kimononarite
Episode 04 Hibiwareta Shouzou
Episode 05 Asahaka na Mono (Otoko-tachi)
Episode 06 Houjou na Jikan
Episode 07 Odoru Mono Odorasareru Mono
Episode 08 Setsugen ni Moete
Episode 09 Asagiri no Onna
Episode 10 Kabocha to Hasami
Episode 11 Shizuka Naru Taidou
Episode 12 Mie Zaru Itami
Episode 13 Soya ni Shite Bimi
Episode 14 Honoo, Imada Kiezu
Episode 15 Meisou suru sentaku
Episode 16 Kirisaki Mono
Episode 17 The Darkness That Still Cannot be Saved
Episode 18 A Small Force
Episode 19 A Sweet Trap
Episode 20 Enter the Performers
Episode 21 A Wooden Image and an Idol
Episode 22 The Solitary Balance
Episode 23 And Then, the Sweet Trap
Episode 24 Soldiers - Commoners - Nobles

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