Reideen (2007)

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Extension: Rm(vb)/Subbed
Status: Complete
Type : TV Series, 26 Episode
Host: Rapidshare
The story takes place in Japan`s near future.
Saiga Junki enjoys his school life as a normal high school student. One day, he hears that his father, an archaeologist missing for the past 10 years, was found dead in ruins located at Iwate Prefecture?s Mt. Kurokami; thus, Junki travels there.
Junki blacks out while in the ruins and witnesses a strange vision. Upon waking, he finds a gold bracelet left beside him with an inscription that reads, "The Great Reideen..."
At the same time, a meteor falls from the sky and a large mechanical beast appears out of a lake.
What is this gold shining object that appeared from out of Mt. Kurokami as if in response to the mechanical beast?
The story illustrates Junki`s transference between his normal life during the day and his strange life of fighting by night, the embarrassment of peers, conflict, and human drama in detail.
Will the great power that Junki happened to obtain bring him glory... or fear?
This is a remake of the 1975 series Yusha Reideen
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Episode 01 The Reborn Legend
Episode 02 Legendary Hero
Episode 03 Invisible Shadow
Episode 04 Battle With the Shadow
Episode 05 The White Herons Assemble
Episode 06 The Bird Which Becomes God
Episode 07 Fresh Wind
Episode 08 Gale Runs Wild
Episode 09 The Person Who Invokes Darkness
Episode 10 Tear It Up! The Darkness
Episode 11 Gadion
Episode 12 Escape From Space
Episode 13 Festival
Episode 14 Deep Sea Challenge
Episode 15 The Sea`s Sleeping Legend
Episode 16 Deviating Sky
Episode 17 Attack Amid a Storm
Episode 18 Essence of Goodbye
Episode 19 Undesired Power
Episode 20 End of Time
Episode 21 Strategy Begins to Move
Episode 22 Awaken and Fight
Episode 23 Roxell Returns
Episode 24 Arise, Gadeon
Episode 25 Reideen, Recovery
Episode 26 Decisive Battle

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