Petopeto San

Size: +/- 60 Mb
Extension: Rm(vb)
Status: Complete
Total Eps : 13
A boy and girl lie together on a futon, seemingly holding hands. How did this happen?
Go back to school earlier that day. The class is out swimming in the pool when that girl, trying to get away from a bug, falls into the pool. The boy grabs her hand and ends up falling in along with her... the girl just transferred to the school 2 weeks earlier. She`s Hatoko Fujimura, a petopeto-san. What`s a Petopeto-san? Just like the name implies, they`re rather sticky sort, and if someone grabs on hard enough they`ll get stuck together and the only thing that`ll fix it is sleep...
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Episode 01 ohayoosaan
Episode 02 tokutei shuzoku
Episode 03 minto moshikuha rabendaa
Episode 04 katei no jijou
Episode 05 minyokon
Episode 06 ane to imouto
Episode 07 Chirin Chirin
Episode 08 Summer Camp
Episode 09 Ichinichi Shochou
Episode 10 Scout
Episode 11 Imo-ten O-Tameshi Han
Episode 12 Project Akegarasu
Episode 13 Sayonara, Petopeto-san

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