Paranoia Agent

Size: +/- 60 Mb
Extension: Rm(vb)
Status: Complete
Total Eps : 13
This show is from the maker of Perfect Blue and Millenium Actress, the script is from the same man who did Boogiepop Phantom.
It`s not your average show, the title of "Paranoia" is really what this show is about.
A young boy on roller blades seems to roll around the city and whack people on the head with a baseball bat, and things don`t seem to be the same after that.
Shounen Bat is back home...
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Episode 01 Shounen bat sanjou
Episode 02 Kin no kutsu
Episode 03 Double lip
Episode 04 Otoko michi
Episode 05 Seisenshi
Episode 06 Chokugeki no fuan
Episode 07 MHz
Episode 08 Akarui Kazoku Keikaku
Episode 09 ETC
Episode 10 Maromi Madoromi
Episode 11 Shinnyuu kinshi
Episode 12 Radar man
Episode 13 Saishuukai

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