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Extension: Rm(vb)
Status: Complete
Total Eps : 26
Host: Rapidshare
Kotaro starts out as pretty much your usual kid although he lives alone with his father, which forces him to take over some of the chores at home, such as cooking and cleaning. But what starts out as a usual morning changes drastically as he opens his front door to be confronted by a girl named Misha dressed in a voluminous dress and a tendency to shout rather than speak. Kotaro attempts to escape, but this new next-door neighbor is quite persistent...this is the beginning of Misha`s stalking of Kotaro. Even though she is a Junior High School student she has chosen Kotaro as her victim and hounds him all day long.
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Episode 01 Tenshi to no tsukiaikata
Episode 02 Oishii appurupai no tsukurikata
Episode 03 Kimodameshi no tanoshimikata
Episode 04 Tanoshii onsen no hairikata
Episode 05 Arubaito no sagashikata
Episode 06 Atarashii tomodachi no mukaekata
Episode 07 Itazura no shikata
Episode 08 Taiketsu no Shikata
Episode 09 Tenshi no mitsukekata
Episode 10 Jouzu na nakanaori no shikata
Episode 11 Suteki na dansu no sasoikata
Episode 12 Garakuta no atsumekata
Episode 13 Oshiro no arukikata
Episode 14 Shiawase no kanjikata
Episode 15 Yuuenchi no asobikata
Episode 16 Gekai no arukikata
Episode 17 Kyuujitsu no tanoshimikata
Episode 18 Bakansu no sugoshikata
Episode 19 Minarai tenshi no ganbarikata
Episode 20 Nakushita mono no mitsukekata
Episode 21 Onna no ko no ganbarikata
Episode 22 Undoukai no moekata
Episode 23 Hiking no Tanoshimikata
Episode 24 Omimai no ikikata
Episode 25 Owakare no shikata
Episode 26 Omoi no tsunagikata

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