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Total Eps : 13
Yoshikawa Haruo is your everyday junior high school student. No, strictly speaking, he is very stupid. His only pride is a full attendance record, and his hope for the future is longevity.
Haruo is living peacefully with his three cute little sisters, but not for long. One day, a beautiful girl, Mamiya Ayumi, transfers to his class. Somehow, she comes to live in his house as a maid. In fact, Ayumi is a witch, and she is cursed. To break her curse she needs Haruo`s latent magical power, and she plots to awaken it. However, Haruo`s three little sisters get in her way and protect him. Surprisingly, they`re also witches. Haruo`s peaceful days turn into turmoil. Will he break Ayumi`s mysterious curse? And what happened in Haruo and Ayumi`s past?
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