Ray The Animation

Size: +/- 100 Mb
Extension: Rm(vb)/Subbed
Status: Complete
Type : TV Series, 13 Episode
Year : 06.04.2006 till 29.06.2006
Categories : SciFi, Shounen, Violence
Host: Rapidshare.com
Ray grew up on a farm, one that breeds and raises people as living, breathing organ donors. As a donor herself, Ray had her eyes taken away from her, but was given the gift of sight by a stranger. Ray`s new sight, however, was far from ordinary. She was given x-ray vision. We meet Ray ten years later, now off the farm, working as a nurse and an underground medical doctor performing procedures for profit. A chance encounter with an old friend triggers Ray`s memories of her difficult childhood, which inspires her to try to find the donor farm on which she was raised.
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Episode 001(1) Kami no me
Episode 001(2) Kami no me
Episode 002(1) Partner
Episode 002(2) Partner
Episode 003(1) Garasu sugoshi no fuukei
Episode 003(2) Garasu sugoshi no fuukei
Episode 004(1) Akai ribon
Episode 004(2) Akai ribon
Episode 005(1) narikawari
Episode 005(2) narikawari
Episode 006(1) okurimono
Episode 006(2) okurimono
Episode 007(1) Omoi Hito
Episode 007(2) Omoi Hito
Episode 008(1) Ugomeku Kako
Episode 008(2) Ugomeku Kako
Episode 009(1) Utsushi mi
Episode 009(2) Utsushi mi
Episode 010(1) Saikai
Episode 010(2) Saikai
Episode 011(1) Aishiteru...
Episode 011(2) Aishiteru...
Episode 012(1) nageki no rakuen
Episode 012(2) nageki no rakuen
Episode 013(1) Inochi
Episode 013(2) Inochi

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