Read Or Die

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Extension: Rm(vb)
Status: Complete
Total Eps : 26
A little into the future from now. A few years after the army`s "Human Selection Campaign".
In a street somewhere in Hong Kong, there was a detective office. The name of it was "The Three Sisters Detective Company". The 3 beautitful sisters there were working day and night to settle an incident regarding a book. The girls` names are Anita, Maggy and Michelle.
The oldest sister Michelle who likes all kinds of books, Maggie and even the youngest sister Anita who doesn`t like adult books, in truth possesses the special power of a "paper user".
Using and not using their powers, what will happen to the cases they get?
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Episode 01 Kami wa maiorita
Episode 02 Dame ningen-domo atsumare
Episode 03 Jinbou-chou de aimashou
Episode 04 Chuuichi course
Episode 05 Yatsura wa sawaideiru
Episode 06 Raito Sutaffu
Episode 07 Yabu no naka
Episode 08 Yoru ni Madowasarete
Episode 09 Yami no Oku
Episode 10 Christmas carol
Episode 11 Sayonara Nippon
Episode 12 Kamigami no tasogare
Episode 13 Zoku kamigami no tasogare
Episode 14 Siyou no Mori
Episode 15 Honogurakichi no Sokode
Episode 16 Kashi yon go ichi
Episode 17 Sweet home
Episode 18 Kokuhaku
Episode 19 Kazoku game
Episode 20 Kanashimi yo konnichi wa
Episode 21 D.O.D -DREAM OR DIE-
Episode 22 Dasshu
Episode 23 Uso, soshite chinmoku
Episode 24 Kimi ga boku wo shitteru
Episode 25 Taishita mondai ja nai
Episode 26 Sore kara

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