Romance of the Three Kingdoms

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Extension: Rm(vb)/Subbed
Alternative Title : Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Status: Complete
Type : TV Series, 47 Episode
Year : 18.10.1991 till 25.09.1992
Categories : Action, Feudal Warfare, Military, Past, Shounen, Swordplay
Around 1800 years ago in China, the ruling power of the Han dynasty became weakened and the flames of war spread throughout the land.
Liu Bei was a young, poor straw-mat seller from the countryside of Hebai Hsing. After pledging eternal brotherhood with the two heroes, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, Liu began building his idea of a righteous kingdom that would aid citizens who suffered from persecution
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Episode 001 Touen no Chikai
Episode 002 Gekitou! Giyuugun
Episode 003 Shitou! Tie Men Xia
Episode 004 Chokushi no Wana
Episode 005 Jyu Jyouji no Inbou
Episode 006 Meiba Akausagiuma
Episode 007 Boukyaku Shogun Dong Zhuo
Episode 008 The Hero Of Chaos
Episode 009 The Battle of Great Warriors
Episode 010 Revived Ambition
Episode 011 The Evil Power of the Imperial Seal
Episode 012 The Warrior on the White Horse
Episode 013 Gekidou no Shishi-tachi
Episode 014 Rensei no Bijyu - Zenhan
Episode 015 Rensei no Bijyu - Kouhen
Episode 016 Syakuteki! Futari no Eiyuu
Episode 017 The Two-Pronged Strategy
Episode 018 Drunken Tiger Laments
Episode 019 False Alliance
Episode 020 Chin Oyako no Inbou
Episode 021 Friendly Fire in a Moonlit Night
Episode 022 Lu Bu -- Demise in a Snowfield
Episode 023 Releasing Tiger
Episode 024 Zhang Fei`s Art of War
Episode 025 Isolated Valiant General
Episode 026 The Hidden Dragon of Chaos -- Kong Ming
Episode 027 Broken Relationship
Episode 028 The Fateful Thousand Miles Journey
Episode 029 Liu Bei`s Army - A Great Reunion
Episode 030 The Battle of Guan Du
Episode 031 Evil Horse - Near Death at the River Current
Episode 032 The Wandering Scholar - Shan Fu
Episode 033 Xu Shu`s Mother
Episode 034 The Three Visits
Episode 035 Kong Ming`s First Battle
Episode 036 Kong Ming`s Grand Scheme
Episode 037 Cao Cao`s Wrathful Counterattack
Episode 038 Amazing! Child-Protecting Swordsman
Episode 039 Kong Ming`s Great Debate
Episode 040 The Handsome Warrior - Zhou Yu
Episode 041 Zhou Yu`s Murderous Intent
Episode 042 Secret Scheme - The Water Fort
Episode 043 The 100000 Arrows
Episode 044 Huang Gai - The Battered Body Trick
Episode 045 Episode 45
Episode 046 Episode 46
Episode 047 Episode 47

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