Infinite Ryvius

Size: +/- 70 Mb
Extension: Rm(vb)
Status: Complete
Total Eps : 26
Host: Rapidshare
In 2197 a strong solar flare created a strange region of high gravity, called the Gedult, throughout the plane of the solar system, which crushes any ship that strays too far into it. Nonetheless, humanity has traveled through space and colonized all the planets. It is here, in 2225, that Kouji travels to the Bratica facility along with thousands of other young men and women, to train for every kind of career in space, from salvager to stewardess. All is not as simple as it seems, as enemies they didn`t even know they had threaten all their lives with sabotoage, and a mysterious and powerful ship appears as their salvation. But even this powerful ship, the Ryvius, can`t protect them from themselves...
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