Idol Master Xenoglossia

Size: +/- 80 Mb
Extension: Rm(vb) / Subbed
Type : TV Series, 26 episodes
Status: Complete
Categories: Action, Artificial Intelligence, Future, Genetic Modification, Human Enhancement, Mecha, Military, Piloted Robots, Post-apocalyptic, SciFi
Year: 03.04.2007 till 26.09.2007
The show centers around mecha and reimagines the ten prospective pop idols as fighter pilots of those robots, eight of them also posing as students.
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Episode 01 Penguin going to Tokyo
Episode 02 iDOL`s Master
Episode 03 Idol and Master
Episode 04 Dumplings and American Dog
Episode 05 Cold hands, warm hands
Episode 06 Height of twenty thousand meters
Episode 07 I am back. Welcome back
Episode 08 Compact Night Stories
Episode 09 Key Board
Episode 10 Unharmonious Sound [Noise]
Episode 11 Niflheimr
Episode 12 Muspelheim
Episode 13 Room No.501
Episode 14 Somehow It`s Hard to Move
Episode 15 Hangar Paradise
Episode 16 Idol and Idol
Episode 17 Lost Little Rabbit
Episode 18 Night
Episode 19 Goodbye
Episode 20 The Way Back Home
Episode 21 The Last Pudding
Episode 22 The Key and the Bat
Episode 23 RUN!
Episode 24 Revival Calendar Year 108
Episode 25 The Spring Snow
Episode 26 The Moon and the Penguin

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