Sakura Taisen

Size: +/- 80 Mb
Format: Rm(vb) / Subbed
Status: Complete
Type : TV Series, 25 episodes
Year : 08.04.2000 till 23.09.2000
Categories : Action, Comedy, Mecha, SciFi
At the beginning of 1900`s, Sakura Shinguji received the mission of defending imperial capital Tokyo and came from Sendai to Tokyo. But, the post which she was assigned was the floral unit of the popular opera group at that time. She tries to become familiar with her new companions while she is perplexed as to what the relationship is between the fight and the opera group. But...
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Episode 001 Sakura Arrives at the Capital
Episode 002 The City to be Defended
Episode 003 Sakura`s Stage Debut
Episode 004 The Flower Combat Troop`s New Commander
Episode 005 The Evil Shadow
Episode 006 Kobu`s Feelings
Episode 007 A Delicious Way of Life
Episode 008 This is Review!
Episode 009 The little Girl Call Kuwassari
Episode 010 A Woman Who Calls Storms
Episode 011 Team Hana in Training Camp
Episode 012 A Lonely Birthday
Episode 013 Let`s Bloom,That`s Maiden`s Pride!
Episode 014 Iris Makes a Sortie!
Episode 015 Sakura Goes Home
Episode 016 The Anti-Descended Evil Unit
Episode 017 An Overture
Episode 018 Cinderella
Episode 019 The Formation for Repulsing Evil
Episode 020 Quiet Approach of The Darkness
Episode 021 Another War
Episode 022 The Imperial Theater is Burned Down!
Episode 023 The Machine That Dreams
Episode 024 The Ties
Episode 025 Continuation of the Dream

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