Saiunkoku Monogatari

Size: +/- 80 Mb
Format: Rm(vb) / Subbed
Type: TV Series, 39 episodes
Status: Complete
Alternative Title: The Story of Saiunkoku, Colourcloud Palace, Story of the Land of Many-Colored Clouds, Tale of Saiunkoku, The Tale of Saiun Country
Categories: Comedy, Fantasy, Past, Romance, Shoujo
Year: 08.04.2006 till 24.02.2007
Born of an old, respected family in the land but subsisting on a low income, Shuurei accepts an invitation to become the new Emperor`s concubine while believing that he is homosexual. The real purpose of her marriage is, however, to educate the lazy Emperor. Her close friend, Seiran, also enters the court as royal guard. Things get complicated when the characters unexpectedly develop feelings for each other.
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Episode 01 A Sweet Deal Hides a Catch
Episode 02 A Frog in the Well Knows Not About the Ocean
Episode 03 The Capable Falcon Hides Its Talons
Episode 04 Treasure Buried is Treasure Wasted
Episode 05 A Genius Can’t Better a Hardworking Man
Episode 06 Lacking the Finishing Touch
Episode 07 He Who Swims a Lot Will Drown
Episode 08 To Borrow a Cat’s Paw
Episode 09 A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step
Episode 10 Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
Episode 11 There’s No Medicine For Lovesickness
Episode 12 Discretion is the Better Part of Valour
Episode 13 An Unexpected Surprise
Episode 14 Three Years on a Rock
Episode 15 A Child Knows Not of His Parent’s Feelings
Episode 16 There are No Demons in This World
Episode 17 Poking a Bush Draws Out a Snake
Episode 18 Covering Your Head and Leaving Your Bottom Exposed
Episode 19 If You Love Your Daughter, Let Her Go On a Journey
Episode 20 Flowers Blooming from Dead Wood
Episode 21 The Wise Know When to Approach Danger
Episode 22 Where There is Life, There is Hope
Episode 23 In Travelling, What is Wanted is a Companion
Episode 24 Water Poured on a Sleeping Ear
Episode 25 An Accidental Resemblance
Episode 26 The Raven of Darkness
Episode 27 The Prettier the Flower, the Higher the Branch
Episode 28 Fear is Often Worse Than the Danger Itself
Episode 29 Many Years` Worth of Thoughts in a Single Day
Episode 30 A Woman`s Courage
Episode 31 A Diamond in the Rough
Episode 32 A Woman`s Word is Her Bond
Episode 33 Water Can`t Be Returned to the Basin
Episode 34 Poison Gets the Better of Poison
Episode 35 Meeting is the Beginning of Parting
Episode 36 All is Right in the World
Episode 37 Tears Fall Like Rain from Heaven
Episode 38 There is No Today After Today
Episode 39 Fate is an Inscrutable and Interesting Thing

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