Sakura Diaries

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Status: Complete
Total Eps : 12
Host: Rapidshare
Touma arrives in Tokyo to take a college entrance exam, but is distracted in his hotel room by a young and very cute girl. She seems to know him, but he doesn`t know her. At least he doesn`t remember her. The pubescent vixen is Urara, his cousin. It seems she has a crush on Touma, but is angry when she sees some model, Mieko, all over him. Unfortunately, Touma failed his exam, but lies to Mieko about passing it. So now she attends college thinking that Touma also goes there. Thus Urara`s mission to break them up begins.
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Episode 01 Tokyo Success
Episode 02 My Cousin is a High School Call Girl
Episode 03 Is the Fake Student a Slave of Love?
Episode 04 The Love Hotel of Temptation
Episode 05 First Time in Bed?
Episode 05 First Love in Kamakura
Episode 07 The Love Triangle
Episode 08 Mieko`s Confession
Episode 09 First Kiss in the Rain
Episode 10 Bath Time for Two
Episode 11 Testing Student Syndrome
Episode 12 A Testing Student`s Decision

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