Eyeshield 21

Eye Shield 21

Alternative title:
アイシールド21 (Japanese)

Genres: Comedy, Shounen, Sports

Plot Summary:
Kobayakawa Sena is a little guy who always get picked on by the bullies in school. Since elementary school, he always play the role of the 'errand boy' to the extent that he has become swift and fast in his movements. Coincidentally, Hiruma Youichi and Kurita Ryukan are looking for a fast running back for their American Football team (Amefuto) and want to put Sena in the team. To hide their new 'star' player from the eyes of other High Schools, Hiruma encases Sena in a Amefuto helmet with a dark visor and name him Eyeshield #21.
The protagonist of the series is Sena Kobaykawa, a shy kid with a light physique, he is a first year at Deimon Senior High, since kindergarden he has always been the gopher of the bullies at school, to the point that he's gotten really swift and fast. Hiruma, a demon-like quarterback and Kurita, good natured lineman are the only guys on the American Football team (Deimon Devil Bats) and are desperately trying to make people join the team. After Hiruma sees Sena's running he is made join the team and becomes Eyeshield 21, wearing an eyeshield helmet to protect his identity from other teams he becomes known as "the mysterious hero from Notre Dame". In his second game he should meet his rival, Seijuro Shin, who is known as the fastest linebacker in the history of japanese football. Eventually more people will join and strengthen the team. By overcoming fears and challenges Deimon plans to win the fall tournament and beat all the teams in the kanto area.

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Type: TV Series, unknown number of episodes
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Categories: Action, Clubs, Football, High School, School, Shounen, Slapstick, Sports, Violence
Year: 06.04.2005 till ongoing

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Episode 01 The Man with Legs of the Speed of Light
Episode 02 Let`s play American Football!
Episode 03 Subdue the Field!
Episode 04 The Thing that the Hand Grips
Episode 05 Body Guard 0.5 Seconds
Episode 06 Explosion! Spear Tackle
Episode 07 Battle for Victory
Episode 08 Do not give up!
Episode 09 Expert Catcher
Episode 10 A Hero`s Qualifications
Episode 11 Vow of The Setting Sun
Episode 12 Catch! Max!!
Episode 13 The Chameleon`s Fear
Episode 14 The Red Hot HELL TOWER
Episode 15 Find Eyeshield!
Episode 16 Goodbye, Kurita!?
Episode 17 Kid and Iron Horse
Episode 18 A Good-for-Nothing`s Pride
Episode 19 The Citizens laugh at the Challenger
Episode 20 Sphinx`s Secret Weapon
Episode 21 Fly! Devil Bat
Episode 22-23 Appearance of the Mysterious Girl / The Weightless Man
Episode 24 Shock! The Decisive Japan-US Game!
Episode 25 Black Leopard in the Cage
Episode 26 Wild Real
Episode 27 Get Back! Cerberos
Episode 28 American Football, Downtown
Episode 29 Formation, Devil Gunmans!
Episode 30 Boundary Line in Hell
Episode 31 Each`s Decision
Episode 32 Who`s the Loser?
Episode 33 OH! My Sister!
Episode 34 A Ghost`s Movement
Episode 35 Death March in Isolation
Episode 36 The Last Test
Episode 37 Far Away Win
Episode 38 Regular`s Determination!?
Episode 39-40 Road to Christmas Bowl / Night before the Match!
Episode 41 Ace Disappearance!?
Episode 42 Devil Bat Ghost!!
Episode 43 The Legendary 60-Yard Magnum
Episode 44 Aha-ha! It`s My Debut!!
Episode 45 The Ghost is Sealed!?
Episode 46 Ghost vs Spear
Episode 47 It`s Hot! Guts!!
Episode 48 Try Hard! Will-power! Do the Best!
Episode 49 Dazzling Silver, Spirit of Line!
Episode 50 Courage not to Escape!
Episode 51 Danger! The Lethal Cameleon
Episode 52 Clash! Cameleon vs Poseidon
Episode 53 Fear of the Poisonous Scorpion!
Episode 54 The Control Tower which Disappeared
Episode 55 Wall of the Physique Difference
Episode 56 Our Small Contract!
Episode 57 Those who know "21"
Episode 58 Devil vs Sea God
Episode 59 Back Ace Man
Episode 60 Promise on the Field!
Episode 61 Determination to Win!
Episode 62 Terror! Moby Dick Anchor
Episode 63 Offense and Defence 30 cm!!
Episode 63 The man possessing speed of light appears!?
Episode 64 Deimon High School Sports Meet!!
Episode 65 Sprinter Sena!?
Episode 66 Promise of the Three
Episode 67 Fastest Proof
Episode 68 Field of Desperation
Episode 69 Musashi is here
Episode 70 The Devil`s Counterattack
Episode 71 Pride of Speed of Light
Episode 72 Fated Kick
Episode 73-74 A Rival`s Promise / Spider`s Threat
Episode 75 Come Back! Musashi!
Episode 76 The Real "21"
Episode 77 Those Who Wait Ahead
Episode 78 Kobayakawa Sena
Episode 79 Kobayakawa Sena
Episode 80 The Best Kick Team
Episode 81 The Truth of the Red Pupil
Episode 82 Run! Musashi!
Episode 83 Time that began to move
Episode 84 The Devil in the Storm
Episode 85 The man that love by God
Episode 86 Time Up of the Light and Shadow
Episode 87 The strongest soldiers in Tokyo!!
[Eps 88-103] Are in low quality.
Episode 88 Deimon Half Time Show
Episode 89 Opening! Cream Puff Cup!!
Episode 90 Working
Episode 91 Fighting Spirit! Death Climb
Episode 92 3 Brothers of Texas Ranch
Episode 93 The Shout of Friendship
Episode 94 The Silver Secret Weapon
Episode 95 Destroy the Wall of Snow Storm
Episode 96 Now! To the Kantou Meet!
Episode 97 Farewell, Onihei
Episode 98 Cameleon`s Counterattack!
Episode 99 Deimon High School Festival!!
Episode 100 The Invisible Lock
Episode 101 Strongest Evil
Episode 102 Overcome your Fears
Episode 103 The Iron-Clad Double Stoppe
Episode 104 One Line Lacking
Episode 105 The Last Death Game
Episode 106 The Fearsome God: Kongo Agon
Episode 107 The Enemy is Jinryuji
Episode 108 Detective Sena!?
Episode 109 Talent of Catching
Episode 110 Barrier of Talent
Episode 111 Go Forth, Devil Bats
Episode 112 Devil vs God!
Episode 113 The Twelfth Athlete
Episode 114 Mediocre Power
Episode 115 Number One is Trapped
Episode 116 The Will of a Warrior
Episode 117 Time Out Zero
Episode 118 Battle without Answers
Episode 119 To the Limits of the Death Battle
Episode 120 Super Dreadnaught! Dinosaurs!!


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