Saber Marionette J

Size: +/- 70 Mb
Extension: MP4
Status: Complete
Total Eps : 25
Host: Rapidshare
Late in Earth Century due to overpopulation, efforts to colonization are made. However a mishap happens for a group of colonist early on for them in this story. This is a story of their legacy continuing their memories, living on a hostile planet of Pontais and Plasma with a relationship involving a love story that has gone wrong. Here in this world robots called Marionettes are used for fighting, completing menial labor and the replacement of the female population.
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Episode 01 Enter Lime!: The Planet of Men
Episode 02 Marionette Girl: The Trouble Maker!
Episode 03 Big Trouble in Castle Japoness
Episode 04 Cherry Panic, Great Romance Scheme!!
Episode 05 Fausts Challenge!!
Episode 05 Passionate Unwelcoming! Flying Love Attack!
Episode 07 Getting Rich Quick is a Sour Joy
Episode 08 Love Prophecy Battle Royal!!
Episode 09 If We All Go To Gartlant Together, It Won`t be so Scary!
Episode 10 Infiltration of the Dark Empire
Episode 11 Maiden Circuits Win the Day!?
Episode 12 My First Kiss Tasted Like Plasma!?
Episode 13 Otaru`s Big Debut!! Time for You to Shine!!
Episode 14 Welcome the New Year! The Otaru Cup Marionette Contest
Episode 15 Revival of Female!? The Mystery of Lorelei
Episode 16 What`s a Living Thing?
Episode 17 Gentleness, Heartbreak, and Femininity
Episode 18 Castle Transforms!! Rise Japonessguar!!
Episode 19 Tiger: To The End of Love and Beyond !!
Episode 20 Feelings Will not Die, Though the Heart is Far Away
Episode 21 The Big Barbecue Party of Light and Darkness
Episode 22 Soaring Emotion
Episode 23 Faust, Warped Sincerity
Episode 24 The Maidens Voyage
Episode 25 You will Always Be There

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