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This anime traces the path of up and coming young cook, Mao in 19th Century China on his road to `Special Grade` Cook and his journeys in search of the `Legendary Cooking Utensils`.
Ju Xia Lou is a restaurant in the southwest region of China in the 19th century. After the death of Pai, the owner of the restaurant, his daughter Karin and her brother Mao help to run the restaurant. One day, Mao and another cook, Shao An who was Pai`s understudy, confront each other for the position of head cook. The solution? A `cook-off`.
General Lee, an expert in Chinese cooking is asked to be the judge. Both young men are extremely good, but possess very different cooking styles. After their sumptuous feat, the general dubs Mao the winner, and realizing the boy`s genius and natural skill, sends him on a journey to south China - the mecca of cooking - to become a Special Grade or Master Cook. He faces more challenges on his journey, and his skills are pitted against other cooking masters.
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Episode 01 Young Cooking Master
Episode 02 Fantastic Mapo Tofu
Episode 03 Super Chef
Episode 04 Merciless Rules
Episode 05 Destroy Old Tradition
Episode 06 Dumpling Brothers
Episode 07 Dirty Trap! Cornered Mao!
Episode 08 The Final Battle
Episode 09 Challenging Dream - The Super Chef Exam
Episode 10 Incomparable Noodles
Episode 11 The Last Battle! Taste Battle Stadium
Episode 12 The Handsome Teenage Chef, Fei
Episode 13 The Decisive Catfish Noodles!!
Episode 14 The Honorable Mark
Episode 15 Fake Super Chef?
Episode 16 The Beauty Trap
Episode 17 Dream Singe Cuisine Revives
Episode 18 Haunted House Experience
Episode 19 Galaxy Noodles
Episode 20 The Bad Luck Dark Chicken
Episode 21 Yang Spring Restaurant`s Challenge
Episode 22 The Battle of Two Chef
Episode 23 Big Universe Pork Dumpling
Episode 24 Mysterious Invitation, The trap of the masked Chef
Episode 25 Western Style Blood Match
Episode 26 The Strongest Ace
Episode 27 The Secret of the Masked Chef
Episode 28 Wilderness Cooking
Episode 29 Chefs of Darkness Society`s Assassin!
Episode 30 Knife-Skills Competition
Episode 31 China within a Fish
Episode 32 Ice and Fire`s Impulse
Episode 33 The Cooking Utensil of Legend
Episode 34 Chef of Darkness Society`s Revenge
Episode 35 The Metal Palm`s Demonic Power
Episode 36 Brother Sanche`s Cold Sea Turtle Soup
Episode 37 Dim Sum king, Lakon 1600-years-old Soul-Calming Steamed buns
Episode 38 The Super Dim Sum Competition! The Startling Results!
Episode 39 Another Seven Star Sword! Mysterious Woman Shan!
Episode 40 A Chef`s Destiny
Episode 41 Destroy The Evil Sword, The Sacred Seven Star Knives
Episode 42 Final Battle, Shouan`s Revenge
Episode 43 Big Magic Technique "Panda Tofu"
Episode 44 The Shocking Finale! Chef Pai`s Palm!
Episode 45 Shun An is Buried In The Sea
Episode 46 Shell`s Rescue
Episode 47 Descending of The Diety
Episode 48 Special Meteor Fried Rice
Episode 49 Trapped in darkness! Soul-connecting congee
Episode 50 Beijing, the Emperor`s Capitale! The Dark Cooking Society`s Wickedness
Episode 51 The Genius Fei`s Plan! Neo Man Han Banquet
Episode 52 The Big Reversal! The Brave Chef`s Glory

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