Girl Bravo Season I

Size: +/- 60 Mb
Extension: Rm(vb) / Subbed
Status: Complete
Type : TV Series, 11 Episode
High school junior Yukinari is an ordinary boy, but he`s developed a serious case of gynophobia (fear of girls for those who don`t know) because girls alway pick on him for being short. One day while in the bathroom, he`s suddenly bathed in bright light. By the time he realizes what`s happening, he finds himself in the alternate world of Seilen. There are precious few men living here, which means that poor Yukinari is surrounded by girls on all sides! He`s in agony, except for when he`s with Miharu, the first girl he meets there. Miharu`s touch doesn`t seem to bother him...
Based on the manga serialized in Monthly Shonen Ace-A manga magazine by Mario Kaneda
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