PetoPeto-san (TV)

PetoPeto-san (TV)

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Plot Summary:

In a Japan not quite like our own, the "youkai" (supernatural creatures) have started living together with humans. Now, in an ordinary school, all sorts of "monsters" attend regular classes. A human boy, Oohashi Shingo, finds himself attracted to one of these creatures, a "petopeto" called Fujimura Hatoko. Petoko, as she is called, is a minor monster, with only the power to stick to something she adores. Like Shingo....

Number of episodes: 13

Episode titles:

1. Good Morning-san (ohayo-san)

2. Special Family (tokutei shuzoku)

3. Mint or Lavender (MINTO moshikuha RABENDAA)

4. Family Circumstances (katei no jijou)

5. Miss Little Sister Contest (minyo KON)

6. Big Sister and Little Sister (ane to imouto)

7. *Chirin, Chirin* (chirinchirin)

8. Summer Camp

9. Police Chief for a Day (Ichinichi Shochou)

10. Scout

11. "Imo-ten" Test Trial Version ("Imo-ten" O-Tameshi Han)

12. Project Daybreak (Project Akegarasu)

13. Good-bye, Petopeto-san (Sayonara, Petopeto-san)

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