Final fantasy 7 : last order

Last Order:
Final Fantasy VII is an addition to the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children film and part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. It is an Original Video Animation that was released with the "Ultimate Edition" of the movie (so called "Advent Pieces: Limited"). It is an anime rendition of two flashbacks that took place in the game. One explains what happened five years before the game took place. It revolves around the event that took place in Nibelheim involving Zack, Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart and Sephiroth. The other shows Zack and Cloud escaping from Shin-Ra. The anime cuts back and forth between these two, linked by Tseng as he reflects on both events. It also forms the basis of the Gue Crisis Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP game and was once called "The longest Crisis Core trailer."

Among the fandom, there's something of a split concerning feelings on Last Order. Many are quick to point out its obvious deviations from the way certain events played out in the original game and revile it as a result of these changes. It has been said by many that Last Order "rewrites history." Others, however, find it a welcome addition to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, taking its changes in continuity as expanding on past events rather than altering them. Last Order was also a tie-in with the mobile phone game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, as several of the game's playable Turk characters appear as minor characters and some even get speaking lines.


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