This is the remake of the oa series mahou nigma sensei that was based on the manga by Ken Akamatsu. Negima! uses the same premise and character as the original two media, but there's a larger focus on action and suspense in this version.

10-year-old British boy, Negi Springfield, is near the end of his training as a mage. His last assignment is to teach a semester at an all-girls' academy in Japan. Negi's secret about who he really is is supposed to remain hidden, but there are some on the campus who know the truth and want him dead for it.
- from Anime-Source

Total Episodes: 26
Fansubbing Group: Mahora
Format: Avi (XviD), ~200-300MB
Language: Japanese dub/ English sub

Episode 01:

Episode 02:

Episode 03:

Episode 04:

Episode 05:

Episode 06:

Episode 07:

Episode 08:

Episode 09:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

Episode 16:

Episode 17:

Episode 18:

Episode 19:

Episode 20:

Episode 21:

Episode 22:

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Episode 26:

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